Wildebeest All Weather Jacket

Wildebeest All Weather Jacket

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Keep your beest dry & comfy with this sleek All Weather Jacket. :)

Water / Wind-resistant shell is lightweight & breathable.

Microfleece lining insulates warmth.

Stretchy fabric & durable belly strap provides comfort & adjustability.

Anti-leak opening for attaching leash to your harness underneath.

Built-in D-ring* as an optional attachment point for leash.

Made in California

Sizes: Length x Girth (suggested weight)

XS: 10" x 14-17" (7-12 lbs)

S: 13" x 17-20" (12-20 lbs)

M: 16" x 20-24" (20-30 lbs)

L: 20" x 24-29" (30-50 lbs)

XL: 24" x 28-35" (50-70 lbs)

*If you have a strong, heavy pet that pulls, we recommend using this product WITH your primary method of attachment - collar or harness.