K-9 Kraving Raw Goats Milk

K-9 Kraving Raw Goats Milk

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Dietary Supplement

Pure unadulterated Goats Milk. High in proteins, vitamins, and probiotics; our locally, single-sourced raw goat’s milk is produced from Alpine & Nubian goats. Goats are pasture fed and grained as needed for milk production. Goats receive no animal bi-products, no growth hormones and antibiotics only when medically necessary.

RECOMMENDED USES: Canines & Felines – All Ages, All Breeds, All Sizes, Weaning Pups/Kittens, Digestive Support and Preventative Supplement

FEEDING GUIDELINES:: 2 oz. / 20 lbs. of Body Weight, 1-2x/day

16 oz Resealable Bottle, BPA-Free