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Rockster Duck A La Royale

Rockster Duck A La Royale


The Rockster has often been to Paris during his drives across Europe back to London. A la Royale is a signature French cuisine as is Duck.


Complete single protein food for dogs of all life stages including puppies. Omega 6 acid content aids in superior skin & coat nourishment.


Gently steamed from raw in the BPA free can this unique recipe uses 80.5% human-grade bio-organic duck.

Essential additional nutrients are provided through a carefully formulated mix of bio-organic superfoods, including mango, courgette, pumpkin and parsley, creating a balanced and delicate superfood with a compelling aroma and taste for discerning dogs.

This recipe has been enhanced with fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, which has a highly beneficial pre-biotic effect to aid digestion and your dog’s ability to absorb the nutrients in this recipe, together with blueberries which are an excellent source of antioxidants.

Duck and salmon oil provide Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support your dog’s hair and skin.

This recipe has a very high antioxidant value, essential for a strong immune system and cellular health, with studies also showing the cognitive benefits of antioxidants in older dogs.

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