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Sleepy Cotton

Sleepy Cotton Calming Dog Lavender Balm

Sleepy Cotton Calming Dog Lavender Balm

Calm & Relax Your Dog the Natural Way

Are you looking for a natural way to calm your pup? As a dog parent, an overly energized fur baby can be exhausting. Our Lavender Balm is formulated to relax your furry friend the natural way. Therapeutic scents of the lavender flower reduce anxiety and stress without the use of harsh chemicals.



Does your dog seem to have an inexhaustible reservoir of energy? A kind of energy that surpasses merely being active? We’re talking pups jumping, bouncing, pulling, and sprinting in all directions.



Trip to the vet, nail trimming, grooming sessions, and bath, these are rather stressful experiences to many dogs. Such uncomfortable situations exhaust fur babies physically and emotionally, which could lead them to develop anxiety or a bad behavior in response.



Chronic anxiety devastates anyone who experiences it, especially our furry little friends. Anxiety in our dogs can diminish their immune systems over time, leading to increased risk for illness and infection. Anxiety can dangerously affect dogs’ health and wellness.

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