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Doyen World

Doyen World Wobbler

Doyen World Wobbler

The Doyen Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser is a fun and interactive toy for your cat.  Better than a cat treat ball, this award winning cat treat dispenser will entertain for hours.

It’s self-balancing, wobbling figure with distinctive animal ears and food dispenser will keep your pet engaged as they play for their treat. Playtime doesn’t stop when the treats are gone. The patent pending design features a unique chamber to hold an enticing herb such as catnip and anise seeds to entertain your pet for hours.

Dimensions - 10cm x 8cm

  • Promotes healthy exercise
  • Batting toy for energizing play
  • Arouses pet's natural instincts
  • For small pet & soft chew strength
  • Non-Toxic Material 
  • Available in 3 colours
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