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K-9 Kraving

K-9 Kraving Duck and Vegetable

K-9 Kraving Duck and Vegetable

Complete & Balanced Diet, “For all life stages”

K-9 Kraving Duck & Vegetable diet offers Free-Range, USDA Certified Human Grade duck meat and organ meat, along with fresh ground duck bone and Human Grade fresh vegetables. Our source owns and operates their own feed mills to ensure the highest quality duck feed formulated without antibiotics or growth hormones. This is an excellent choice for canines with common protein sensitivities and/or requiring more fat and calories on a regular basis. Simply thaw & serve.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Muscle Meat Organ Meat (Gizzards, Heart, & Liver) Ground Duck Bone Fresh, Low-Carb Vegetables Broccoli Carrots Sweet Potato Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals (includes Egg Powder)

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