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KCC Naturals

KCC Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Necks

KCC Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Necks

Freeze Dried Chicken Neck for Dogs

KCC Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Necks are made from one simple ingredient - 100% CHICKEN NECK.

Our chicken neck treats are protein rich, independently lab safety tested and free of antibiotics, additives, grains, gluten and hormones. The freeze drying process is a unique process that locks and seals in the fresh raw flavors and all the nutritional values. KCC Chicken Neck Treats are high in vitamins and protein and low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. These treats help promote strong bones, teeth and aids in digestion. A delicious treat that's great for training, rewards or crumbled and sprinkled over pet food to entice even the most finicky of pets.

FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: Serve as a snack or crumble and sprinkle over kibble. Always allow pet access to a bowl of water. Feed only as a reward or treat to your per 2-4 times daily as this product is naturally nutrient rich and over feeding could cause an upset stomach. Please follow safe handling instructions on back of label.



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