RuffDawg Weenut/Peanut Crunch

RuffDawg Weenut/Peanut Crunch

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Rubber retrieving toy floats, scented

Peanut Crunch – 6.125” for medium to large dogs

Weenut Crunch – 4.625” for small dogs

Everyone loves a giant peanut…and now you can get it Crunchy! A special lining inside makes Peanut and Weenut sound and feel crunchy. Just like the original Peanut & Weenut toys, these are textured, bouncy, float-able, easy on teeth & gums, and they smell like peanuts. Dogs love the barbell-style shape to carry and chase around the pool, yard or home. String on a rope for extended throwing action. Ideal for cute photo-ops!